About. Damn. Time.

So it took 2 weeks of quarantine + social distancing + the power of Facebook ad targeting to get me to (finally) do the damn thing. 10 Hours prior to writing this blog post, I took my first ever online course masterclass. Yes, I’ve invested in masterclasses. & Yes, I’ve been diligently studying online courses—but not ones about online courses. Inception much?

Shoutout to Danielle Leslie, Creator of Course From Scratch, for her epic release: How to turn your unique story & expertise into an online course… and build your #WFA (Work From Anywhere) business.

Here’s what hit home the most.

AKA, people who are here to watch, are here for the show, but don’t engage.

When Danielle spilled the tea on her past mistakes, it basically sealed the deal on a lesson I’m finally ready to share…

3 Years ago, I knew I was going to run an online biz, but I didn’t know I was going to end up pivoting back to my primary IG. I kept thinking to myself: Why am I able to grow anyone’s IG except my own?

It’s posts like this one from 3 years ago that have attracted & locked in followers & likes that no longer serve me. I mean, let’s be real, the people this kind of content appeals to is so far from the community I need to build for my biz. I need to be a role model who uplifts aspiring entrepreneurs, not an Import model wannabe who uplifts something else. 😬

GROWING a following is much easier than FIXING it.

Now, don’t get me wrong… I 100% WILL totally post when I’m #feelinmyself (we don’t sexy-shame here!), but the lesson was to chase the bag, not the clout. Likes & follows don’t add value to my biz, the people who engage with my content do — & that’s exactly who I’m showing up for.

Here’s to the #2020vision & a fresh tribe. Thank you for being part of this journey with me.

Your friendly — & now intuitive — Content Strategist,
Jan Camille

Online Course Masterclass
March 2020 Webinar
Hosted by Danielle Leslie, Creator of Course From Scratch

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