PAUSE. Deep Breaths. Reground for a minute, or two, or three. You’re here now, so shout-out to the universe for leading you to a safe space. Inhale. Exhale… Ready?

Now that we — both you & I, girl — have gathered our wits, let’s cut past the small talk & get to what matters, your core values. That little bulleted list you made back when you were developing your mission & vision, remember that thing?

With the marketing industry so prone to sudden fluctuations, especially in times of crisis, it can be so easy for brands to get caught up in the media chaos & fall into a reactive state. Becoming too dependent on hyper-reactive marketing trends (that are often short-lived) is a total danger zone. You didn’t launch a business to fall in line with the crowd, did you? Snap out of it & take back control of where your content is going. Rise above the #CoronavirusMemes & share the messages your brand is meant to share.

I know, it sounds like an epic, lonely feat — psyke! It’s 2020 & collaboration is the key to survival. No one should experience this alone & I genuinely believe that together, we’ll not only get through this, we’ll come out of it twice as strong.

The reason you launched your brand in the first place is because you know the world needs your magic. & Now more than ever, with the ever-present COVID-19, we’ve got major work to do. The difference is that people actually have your back this time — I’m people, people is me & my agile team of authentic, grounded creators who are smart af.

Help is officially on the way & you still get to be a boss. So show up like the badass who built your awesome business. I’ll round the troops & we’ll help realign your brand with the TLC it needs to get back on track. The time to pause, pivot, & re-strategize is now. Rest assured, you’re in good hands (of good humans). Trust me when I say that marketing is our universe & there’s nothing like having the peace of mind knowing your content won’t fall short of genuine presentation — I simply won’t allow it. Nothing’s going to stop us from creating because even from self-quarantine, we can make an impact together.

Give yourself permission to welcome change.

— Jan Camille, Brand + Content Strategist

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Content Care Package

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