Why am I here? What am I supposed to do? What’s the point even?

LET ME TELL YOU. The main goal I’m currently in the process of manifesting is abundance by reaching my first 5-figure month. I’ve recently opened myself up to trying my business coach’s online retreat—first ever. Fast forward & here I am, writing a blog for my actual website—also first ever. Things are about to get so good & so real. The time to implement is now, officially a work in progress!

Objectives to achieve in order to manifest abundance:
• Clear any blocks preventing me from reaching financial freedom & my higher self
• Get rid of things that are taking up more of my time than they are serving it
• Acquire clients who believe in the value of intuitive strategy & social impact
• Sustain the right ratio of profitability versus time spent on output

Intention behind manifesting abundance & the results it will achieve:
• Invest into my emotional, mental, & physical health from a 360º approach
• Curate my aspirational lifestyle in order to become my highest self & best serve the universe
• Invest into the sustainability & scalability of my business
• Have & hold the freedom to pay it forward in as many ways as I can

Up next…
How would I feel if I already had the goal?
What thoughts come up when I imagine that goal happening?

The Art of Manifesting Your Dream Business
February 2020 Online Retreat
Hosted by Kinzie Madsen & Thalia Penninkilampi

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